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Attractions of  Yoshkar-Ola

Attractions of Yoshkar-Ola.

Attractions of Yoshkar-Ola, which everyone must see, and the route that covers all the fun we have combined on an interactive map.

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Yoshkar-Ola, Tsarevokokshaisk Kremlin 1. Tsarevokokshaisk Kremlin.

Cultural and historical complex "Tsarevokokshaisk Kremlin" is the latest built Kremlin in Russia. There are several old Russian cannons and a small chapel. Also, you can find the information stands about city history. You can walk through the corridors inside the walls of the fortress and make photos.
Open daily from 10 am to 20 pm. Day off - Monday
Entrance is free.

GPS coordinates:
Latitude: 56°38′13.87″N (56.637185)
Longitude: 47°54′4.91″E (47.901365)
Yoshkar-Ola, Church of the Ascension 2. Church of the Ascension .

The cathedral was built in 1756. In Soviet times, the building was a brewery that may have saved the church from destruction. Now the cathedral restored and used with intended purpose.

GPS coordinates:
Latitude: 56°38′22.11″N (56.639476)
Longitude: 47°54′14.02″E (47.903895)
Yoshkar-Ola, Patriarchal Cathedral of the Resurrection of Christ 3. Patriarchal Cathedral of the Resurrection of Christ.

The Cathedral was initially built there in 1759, however the government decided to demolish the building in 1961. The area was abandoned for a long time, but in 2010 the cathedral was re-built and sanctified by orthodox Christian archbishop.

GPS coordinates:
Latitude: 56°38′13.3″N (56.637028)
Longitude: 47°54′9.74″E (47.902705)
Yoshkar-Ola, Church of  the Most Holy Mother of God 4. Church of the Most Holy Mother of God.

The church is also new construction. In general, over the last 10 years the churches in Yoshkar-Ola, built more than ever before in the history of the city.

GPS coordinates:
Latitude: 56°38′8.73″N (56.635759)
Longitude: 47°54′7.23″E (47.902007)
Yoshkar-Ola, Monument to Tsar Fyodor Ivanovich 5. Monument to Tsar Fyodor Ivanovich.

The monument to Fyodor Ivanovich, according to some information - the only one in the world. The monument is also remarkable becouse it was originally set at the Tsarevokokshaisk Kremlin, and then was moved to the waterfront.

GPS coordinates:
Latitude: 56°38′13.57″N (56.637102)
Longitude: 47°54′13.55″E (47.903765)
Yoshkar-Ola, Monument to Patriarch of Moscow Alexy II 6. Monument to Patriarch of Moscow Alexy II.

Monument gave the name of the Patriarch's Square - one of the most beautiful places in Yoshkar-Ola, which offers a beautiful view of the waterfront Bruges.

GPS coordinates:
Latitude: 56°38′12.45″N (56.636793)
Longitude: 47°54′23.53″E (47.906536)
Yoshkar-Ola, Shopping and entertainment complex of the 12 apostles. 7. Shopping and entertainment complex of the 12 apostles.

The architectural complex is built on the grounds of the castle Sheremetyevo (more about the castle Sheremetyeva in the part "Mari El"). Try to get here when hours is changing, a watch located in a building and every hour accompanied by music from the tower out the 12 apostles, pass on the balcony and hide in a nearby tower. It is a fascinating spectacle. Also here is the office of the local television and radio, and a restaurant of 12 apostles.

GPS coordinates:
Latitude: 56°38′14.28″N (56.637301)
Longitude: 47°54′22.87″E (47.906353)
Yoshkar-Ola, Republican Puppet Theatre 8. Republican Puppet Theatre.

Theatre styled as a medieval castle.

GPS coordinates:
Latitude: 56°38′12.13″N (56.636703)
Longitude: 47°54′29.86″E (47.908295)
Yoshkar-Ola, Fountain-monument of Orthodox saints of family and marriage Peter and Fevronia 9. Fountain-monument of Orthodox saints of family and marriage Peter and Fevronia.

The fountain was made in the form of a boat, which are Peter and Fevronia. The boat was surrounded by cascading fountain with lights.

GPS coordinates:
Latitude: 56°38′11.56″N (56.636544)
Longitude: 47°54′29.59″E (47.90822)
Yoshkar-Ola, Monument to Empress Elizabeth 10. Monument to Empress Elizabeth.

Elizabeth is represented by a galloping horse.

GPS coordinates:
Latitude: 56°38′11.13″N (56.636425)
Longitude: 47°54′39.87″E (47.911074)
Yoshkar-Ola, Embankment of  Brugges 11. Embankment of Brugges.

Embankment built up in the Danish style. The buildings are arranged by various ministries and departments. Great place for walks and photo shoots. At night, turn on a beautiful illumination, reflected in the water.

GPS coordinates:
Latitude: 56°38′6.75″N (56.635207)
Longitude: 47°54′38.29″E (47.910635)
Yoshkar-Ola, Monument of Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier of Monaco III 12. Monument of Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier of Monaco III.

Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier of Monaco III - is an example of a married couple. But without the rings. The monument was erected in front of the registrar's office made ​​in the Gothic style.

GPS coordinates:
Latitude: 56°37′58.95″N (56.633042)
Longitude: 47°54′32.18″E (47.90894)
Yoshkar-Ola, Spasskaya Tower 13. Spasskaya Tower.

It’s reduced copy of one of the towers of the Kremlin chief of the country.

GPS coordinates:
Latitude: 56°37′56.74″N (56.632427)
Longitude: 47°54′32.49″E (47.909026)
Yoshkar-Ola, Cathedral of the Annunciation 14. Cathedral of the Annunciation.

Annunciation Church is located on the banks of the river and combines in itself the elements of the most beautiful temples Russia: St. Basil's Cathedral in Moscow and Saint Petersburg Savior on Spilled Blood.

GPS coordinates:
Latitude: 56°37′58.58″N (56.63294)
Longitude: 47°54′16.27″E (47.904519)
Yoshkar-Ola, Lorenzo di Piero de 'Medici Magnificent 15. Sculpture of "Lorenzo di Piero de 'Medici Magnificent".

Sculpture "Signor Florence, Lorenzo di Piero de 'Medici Magnificent" was the decoration of the Italian park, located on the embankment of the river Malaya Kokshaga. Park landscaped by means of maecenas of Yoshkar-Ola.

GPS coordinates:
Latitude: 56°38′1.97″N (56.63388)
Longitude: 47°54′18.86″E (47.905238)
Yoshkar-Ola, Fountain-monument of Archangel Gabriel 16. Fountain-monument of Archangel Gabriel.

One of the biggest and most beautiful fountains of Yoshkar-Ola. It is also very beautiful at night due to lighting.

GPS coordinates:
Latitude: 56°38′0.98″N (56.633606)
Longitude: 47°54′12.75″E (47.903543)
Yoshkar-Ola 17. The complex of office buildings, executed in the form of houses in the Italian style.

There are banks, offices and other government buildings. Great backdrop for a photo shoot.

GPS coordinates:
Latitude: 56°37′58.96″N (56.633044)
Longitude: 47°54′10.01″E (47.902781)
Yoshkar-Ola, Annunciation Tower 18. Annunciation Tower.

It’s a copy of one of the towers of the Kremlin chief of the country. The tower, like the original, has a chime that puts every hour. You should behave very well in the vicinity of the tower to – there is a supporting paragraphs police in the tower .

GPS coordinates:
Latitude: 56°38′1.54″N (56.63376)
Longitude: 47°54′9.88″E (47.902744)
Yoshkar-Ola, Monument Chavaina, Chavaina Boulevard. 19. Monument Chavaina, Chavaina Boulevard.

Chavaina - Mari poet and playwright. One of the founders of the Mari literature. Here are the pedestrian area of the city with lots of flower beds, fountains and benches for rest.

GPS coordinates:
Latitude: 56°38′6.01″N (56.635002)
Longitude: 47°53′48.25″E (47.896736)
Yoshkar-Ola, The sculptural composition - The Tree of Life 20. The sculptural composition - "The Tree of Life".

The composition consists of three pieces - the people of different generations playing on traditional instruments. It is a tree of life in the center. The sculpture symbolizes the continuity of generations and cultures Mari. Further down the alley is a memorial complex to the Second World War. The complex includes "Eternal Flame" and "Monument to the Unknown Soldier."

GPS coordinates:
Latitude: 56°38′10.54″N (56.636261)
Longitude: 47°53′27.84″E (47.891068)
Yoshkar-Ola, Composition Yoshkin cat 21. Composition "Yoshkin cat".

"Yoshkin cat" - is a private project, a gift to the city from one of Moscow's business. The monument is a symbol of the city of Yoshkar-Ola. Cat sitting on a bench with it can and should be photographed.

GPS coordinates:
Latitude: 56°37′52.54″N (56.631262)
Longitude: 47°53′19.24″E (47.888677)
Yoshkar-Ola, National Art Gallery 22. National Art Gallery.

It is an amazingly beautiful building in the Italian style - one of the main attractions of Yoshkar-Ola. There is interesting watch, of which every hour of the day is the donkey. The gallery is constantly hosts various exhibitions and displays. The gallery is open daily from 10 to 18, Sat And Sun from 10 to 17. Day off - Monday.

GPS coordinates:
Latitude: 56°37′54.66″N (56.631851)
Longitude: 47°53′13.41″E (47.887058)
Yoshkar-Ola, Monument to Bishop Mari 23. Monument to Bishop Mari.

Behind the back of the Bishop of a shopping mall.

GPS coordinates:
Latitude: 56°37′52.87″N (56.631354)
Longitude: 47°53′15.88″E (47.887745)
Yoshkar-Ola, Monument Obolensky-Nogotkov, Obolensky-Nogotkov square 24. Monument Obolensky-Nogotkov.

Monument gave the name of the area Obolensky-Nogotkova.

GPS coordinates:
Latitude: 56°37′54.09″N (56.631691)
Longitude: 47°53′10.55″E (47.886264)
Yoshkar-Ola, A copy of the Tsar Cannon 25. A copy of the Tsar Cannon.

Like the original, do not shoot.

GPS coordinates:
Latitude: 56°37′54.3″N (56.631751)
Longitude: 47°53′11.82″E (47.886618)
Yoshkar-Ola, Temple of the Assumption of the Holy Mother 26. Temple of the Assumption of the Holy Mother.

Another one of the newly built temples Yoshkar-Ola.

GPS coordinates:
Latitude: 56°37′49.43″N (56.630397)
Longitude: 47°52′57.57″E (47.882659)
Yoshkar-Ola, Square of Government House 27. Square of Government House.

A beautiful and quiet place to rest and photo shoot.

GPS coordinates:
Latitude: 56°37′48.11″N (56.63003)
Longitude: 47°53′3.36″E (47.884268)
Yoshkar-Ola, Sculpture Blue Elephant 28. Sculpture "Blue Elephant".

No comments. It is also located next to the sculpture "Hammer," "Giant Chair" and monument builder. All the objects are construction company, located in a building across the street.

GPS coordinates:
Latitude: 56°37′42.17″N (56.62838)
Longitude: 47°53′33.65″E (47.89268)
Yoshkar-Ola, Monument to N.V. Gogol 29. Monument to N.V. Gogol.

The monument is located on the waterfront Kokshaga Minor, near the bridge.

GPS coordinates:
Latitude: 56°37′47.32″N (56.629811)
Longitude: 47°53′56.48″E (47.899021)
Yoshkar-Ola, Sculpture of Pushkin and Onegin 30. Sculpture of Pushkin and Onegin.

Alexander Pushkin and the hero of his novel Eugene Onegin immortalized in bronze. The composition provides an opportunity to be photographed sitting between them on the bench.

GPS coordinates:
Latitude: 56°37′53.75″N (56.631597)
Longitude: 47°53′57.13″E (47.899203)

Attractions of Yoshkar-Ola on video.


Many attractions of Yoshkar-Ola appeared recently, many are now. Therefore, some of them still are not marked on maps and in guidebooks. More interesting to see what no one has ever seen and talk about this all-all-all!
By the way, a virtual walk around the beautiful places of Yoshkar-Ola, you can make online yo360.ru/gorod





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