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Yoshkar-Ola - Red City.

Yoshkar-Ola (translated from a mari language is a "Red City") - the capital of the Mari El Republic. The population is about 250,000 people, 68% - Russian, 24% - Mari, 4% - the Tatars. Language - Russian, Mari. Moscow time. Telephone area code +7 (8362).

The city was founded in 1584 by decree of Tsar Fyodor Ivanovich, called Tsarevokokshaisk and was a military fort on the river Kokshaga. Later, the city was renamed Krasnokokshaysk, then, in the early 20th century, in Yoshkar-Ola.

The city lived, evolved and multiplied, but its population by the end of the 19th century did not exceed two thousand.

Large industrial enterprises from the west of Russia were evacuated in Yoshkar-Ola, located far away from the front line at the beginning of World War II. In many ways, this was the cause of the rapid development of the city after the war.

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The intensive construction of various cultural, "historical" and the administrative buildings of the city in Italian, Danish and Old styles begun at the beginning of the two thousandth by the President of Mari El, Leonid Markelov.

Now there are the newest one in Russia Tsarevokokshaisk Kremlin, embankment of Bruges in Danish style, the National Art Gallery in Italian style and other interesting objects that adorn the city center of Yoshkar-Ola with its unusual combination. Attitude of the Yoshkar-Ola residents is ambiguous becouse there are pressing needs aside from architectural accomplishment. However, we relate to the new look of the city is positive - it could not be that - and we invite you to visit our wonderful city!!

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Day of Yoshkar-Ola is 6th of August - in the evening sky of the river can be seen Kokshaga long and colorful fireworks!
And one more: Yoshkar-Olintsy and Yoshkar-Olinka never say "Yoshkar-Ola", pronouncing all the letters. Typically, the name of the town is pronounced "Eshkarala" with accent on the last syllable.





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